What is Athletes Brand VIP?

The athletes that design for Athletes Brand VIP are hand chosen and selected by invitation only. We feature exclusive designs, and full clothing and merch lines by the worlds best athletes and those that work in sports. Athletes Brand VIP is 100% ran by the athletes that help design the products.

We have the same simple goal in mind at Athletes Brand VIP as AthletesBrand.com:

  1. To help every athlete leverage their opportunity to create a lasting legacy outside of their sport.

This is just one of those ways. 

The products at Athletes Brand VIP are not Athletes Brand original items, but they are Athletes Brand original art. Meaning, we print on standard shirts such as American Apparel, Bella Canvas, Next Level, and more instead of our own items. Why? Because this site is all about quicker turnaround of every single item ordered, and limited edition designs by the worlds best athletes. A player can come with an idea for a shirt today, and we can have it up and for sale an hour later. That said, the products are still high quality! Just not typical Athletes Brand products that you may be used to. For that level of quality and fit, (aka the best quality and fit) go to AthletesBrand.com.


Purpose of the Athletes Brand

Improving athletes' lives.

To help every athlete leverage their opportunity to create a lasting legacy outside of their sport.

To make giving back become as much a part of sports as the game itself.

Our Promise to the Buyer
We promise to always keep athletes first.

Go to our main site for the highest quality products made by athletes for life away from sports at AthletesBrand.com.